02/06/2023 in the Community Courtyard of the social and cultural center MUZA (a small urban community), the design of the public space was celebrate as a part of the Creative place making – the path to active European citizenship project, with several workshops and presentations. In the past months, the association KA-MATRIX, together with young people, local architects and urban planners, designed a public space that was chosen by the young people themselves as a space where they will spend their free time, but also a space that is open to the entire local community.As a part of the activity, urban furniture was made from old pallets, a geodesic dome was reshaped as a “place of privacy”, the walls overlooking the courtyard were painted, shade protection and lightning was installed and the plants were shaped. To complete the event, two young girls- artists, presented their work of art (photography and paintings), and a thermal printing workshop was held (project`s logo print on T shirts and bags).

The entire place making intervention was carried out following the newly created online tool: LOCUS: Creative place making toolbox, which was also presented to all visitors, especially to schools and representatives of local governments. The community yard is located in the old city center Zvijezda, which represents the cultural heritage of the city, it is located next to the moats, which in the past had a purpose of defending the city. It has also served as a part of the military quarters and has a rich cultural heritage history. The entire place making process was done respecting her shapes and history while creating new ones that will further shape and create this public space.