10/06/2023 – the LOCUS intervention project (national dissemination event) in Cyprus encompassed a a partial transformation of the schoolyard at the 3rd Primary School of Palouriotissa. Commencing with an initial step of conducting a survey involving the students, the project aimed to discern their requirements. Subsequently, a series of workshops was conducted with 33 first-year students from the School of Architecture at the University of Cyprus.

During the whole-school survey spanning from October to December, pivotal insights regarding the children’s needs were unveiled. Imperatives such as the provision of shade, recreational spaces, privacy, verdant areas, and expansive lounging zones emerged as focal points. In order to imagine possible solutions and with the help of Popi Iacovou, lecturer at the University of Cyprus collaborated with the primary students, delving into the architectural works of the renowned modernist architect Stavros Economou. This collaborative synergy between university and primary school students facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas to elevate the potential of the schoolyard.

Drawing inspiration from the outcomes of these co-creative sessions, Urban Gorillas proposed a design blueprint for the physical metamorphosis of the schoolyard, notably featuring the incorporation of concrete tubes. A culminating event saw the active participation of children, parents, and teachers from the school, who collectively adorned the concrete tubes with a vibrant array of colors. This event not only infused the space with bold and imaginative concepts but also exemplified the collaborative ethos that underpinned the workshop on transformative schoolyard design.